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SITE EDIT: *Job In Progress* - Heartprint Threads

Heartprint Threads • 2020

Exciting job I am currently working on. A full site edit from About Us to product pages to the layout of the products. The client is looking for a consistent voice across the site as well as grammar and spelling checks, and copy editing on the larger pages. The goal is to have a more marketable product and to drive sales. 

"We launched Heartprint Threads in 2017 with the mission to do good. The idea sprouted from years of living out of a backpack. Taylor, having done just that, always appreciated what travel had done for him. It brought out an overwhelming sense of gratitude for what he had at home and an ever-growing appreciation for people and their stories while on the road. Being a tour guide in Central and South America, Taylor loved the culture and bringing home artisan textiles for friends and family. Inspired by the work the locals poured into their creations, he wanted to provide more opportunity for the people in the regions that had given him so much. The act of supporting artisans from challenged economies and sharing worldly designs with loved ones felt so symbiotic. This symbiosis is what lead us to create Heartprint Threads (HpT)." I love this conscious company, so I am very happy to be working with them on this project!

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