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SITE EDIT: Breathe in Life - Nicaragua Women's Retreat

Women's Retreat - Edit • 10th December 2019 I edited all of the pages for the Nicaragua Women's Retreat. Women's Retreat Landing Page, Meet Your Teachers, Dates and Prices, Accommodation, Trip Summary, and Trip Notes. It was a fun project to do for an up and coming company! "Join us on a beautiful journey of the self, while travelling through the pristine lands and waters of Nicaragua. We welcome you to this beautiful setting to explore the depths within. This 9-day Women’s Retreat at the Casa Horizon Eco-Lodge will take you on an inner voyage catered to the weaving together of body, mind and soul. Enjoy daily yoga, meditation, a multitude of practical workshops and creative opportunities in a safe and supportive environment, all while being surrounded by soothing waves, warm sand and..."

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