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LARGE SCALE WEB CONTENT: Greater Edmonton Real Estate

GERE - Beaumont • 1st January 2019

I was a part of a larger project for Greater Edmonton Real Estate that included SEO work and driving traffic to the site. I wrote 40 blogs for the project using established keywords and layout. I am highlighting two of those here, Sherwood Park and Beaumont.

Sherwood Park:

"Sherwood Park has always been an amazing place to live. It’s easy to see why many people who were born and raised in this suburb of Edmonton are now raising their own families here. Start your own legacy in any one of Sherwood Park’s great neighbourhoods, where you can rest assured that your safety and happiness are genuine concerns of the..."

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"There has been continual population growth in Beaumont in the 2000s, nearly doubling from the 2006 to the 2011 census, and up again in the 2016 results to 18,320 people. Beaumont is a truly stunning town with natural areas and a European style centre of town. Beaumont was originally a French farming community. The initial 30 acres of land consisted of 10 acres purchased from the Hudson’s Bay Company as well as 20 acres donated by a founding resident. Beaumont centers around..."

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