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LANDING PAGE: Colombia Trip - Free & Easy Traveler

Adventure Backpacking - Colombia • 1st May 2018

I wrote the landing page, itinerary, optional adventures, and more for this epic adventure. I also wrote the guidebook for both the leaders and the travelers, and worked on multiple blogs to launch and sell the trip. 

"This South American secret has been hidden from view for far too long, but it is ready for us now! With fun hostels, a great backpacker scene, a feeling of safety, incredible adventure sports, funky bars, and restaurants scattered through the country, you’re in for a wild ride through this stunning country! Starting in Medellin, a jungle city with a vibrant life force, down through the rainforests boasting incredible views and adrenaline-pumping action, to the beaches and pristine nature along the Caribbean, to our final stop in Cartagena, an unbelievable city jutting out into the Sea: this non-stop trip (with some hammock time, of course) will satisfy your need for culture, history, nightlife, cuisine, adventure, hiking, and breathtaking landscapes. Join us..."

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