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ITINERARY: Colombia Trip - Free & Easy Traveler

Colombia Itinerary • 1st May 2018

I wrote the landing page, itinerary, optional adventures, and more for this epic adventure. I also wrote the guidebook for both the leaders and the travelers, and worked on multiple blogs to launch and sell the trip.

"DAY 1-3 (MEDELLÍN) Group flights arrive throughout the day. We will spend three nights in this jungle city and get settled into the Colombian lifestyle. Prepare to get hit with some amazing culture, history, and nightlife! We will take a private bus to Guatapé on the last day.

DAY 4-6 (GUATAPÉ) Arrive during the day. It's time to have your mind blown with some of the world's best views and indulge in the colourful community and sites of Guatapé. Get on a private bus on the last day to Salento..."

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