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Carrie Robinson


I am a writer, editor, songwriter, singer, and instructor. I started this site as a portfolio of my freelance work (writing, editing, web site creation), and it has blossomed into a home for all of my passions. These passions include offering writing workshops as a creative outlet, teaching beginner music lessons, and recording music. 

I love living in Calgary, I adore my plants, and I am obsessed with my cat, Philip. On the weekend I like to go camping, visit family, and discover new music. I am a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement, LGBTQIAP2S+ Community, and anyone who has a voice struggling to be heard. 

I believe in all people having access to all things, so I do have accessible pricing available. If you feel you may not be able to afford my services, please contact me to learn more. 



Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about writing, music, freelance, and, honestly, anything you'd like to know! 

Image by Jan Meeus

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